Monday, December 12, 2011

Cake Decorating Classes for 2012

Semi 2D Dragon Workshop
Basic Beginners Cake Decorating Workshop

Jon & I have put together the dates for our Cake Decorating Classes for 2012. My apologies for the delay. Christmas has caught up with me this year and I got a little carried away. Please find below classes we have currently finalised. I am more than happy to run more workshops if I can pick up enough numbers. Please feel free to email me to discuss any additional courses.

All our workshops are held at our studio, which is set amongst a beautiful rural setting of gum trees and gardens, at 10 Blue Gum Road, Annangrove, Hills District, Sydney

For all class enquiries or to book a class/party please email Lexie at

Details of our workshops are provided in the links below.

Cake Decorating Parties
We can hold a maximum of 12 students in our Studio at our cake decorating parties. Fun for Bridal Showers, Hens Party, Baby showers, girls get together and more. Get in touch with me at to discuss some ideas. We can do cake pops, cup cakes, flower pots, mini cakes, your imagination is your creation.

Private Cake Decorating Lessons
For a minimum of 2 people we can offer private lessons on any particular topic you desire. Please get in touch with me on for more details and pricing. Feel free to run any cake decorating ideas with me, we can always come up with something fun.

Cake Decorating Courses for 2012

Wed 18th & Thu 19th, Jan - Basic Sugar Rose Workshop - how to make sugar roses using gumpaste 6 hr class

Sat, 21st Jan - Basic Beginners Cake Decorating Workshop - how to prepare and cover a round cake using ganache and fondant icing. 1 day class

Sat, 11th Feb - Basic Beginners Cake Decorating Workshop - how to prepare and cover a round cake using ganache and fondant icing. 1 day class

Sat, 25th Feb - Square Peelback with figure - how to prepare and cover a square cake using ganache and fondant icing. 1 day class

MARCH 2012
Sat, 10th Mar - Basic Beginners Cake Decorating Workshop - how to prepare and cover a round cake using ganache and fondant icing. 1 day class.

Wed 14th & Thu 15th Mar - Semi 2D Lazy Dragon Cake Decorating Workshop - how to sculpt a dragon using chocolate mud cake, ganache and fondant icing. 8 hr class

Sat, 24th Mar - Easter Cake Decorating Workshop - how to prepare & cover a cake into a basket. Sculpt a bunny head using fondant & decorate with eggs. 1 day class. (currently working on class outline - no details available yet)

Sat, 31st Mar - Easter Cake Decorating Workshop - how to prepare & cover a cake into a basket. Sculpt a bunny head using fondant & decorate with eggs. 1 day class. (currently working on class outline - no details available yet)

APRIL 2012
Tues, 4th Apr - Kids Cake Pop Party (more details to be added) 1 hr workshop

Tues, 11th Apr - Kids Cake/Cake Pop Workshop (more details to be added) 1 hr workshop

Sat 21st & Sun 22nd, Apr - how to assembly a 2 tier cake (more details to be added) 2 day class

Sat, 28th Apr - Mothers Day Cake Decorating Workshop - how to create edible mini flowerpots and sugar flowers 3.5 hr class

MAY 2012
Sat, 5th May - Mothers Day Cake Decorating Workshop - how to create edible mini flowerpots and sugar flowers 3.5 hr class

Sat, 12th May - Basic Beginners Cake Decorating Workshop - how to prepare and cover a round cake using ganache and fondant icing. 1 day class

Wed 16th & Thu 17th May - Basic Sugar Rose Workshop - how to make sugar roses using gumpaste 6 hr class

Sat, 26th May - Square Peelback with figure - how to prepare and cover a square cake using ganache and fondant icing. 1 day class

JUNE 2012
Sat, 9th Jun - Basic Beginners Cake Decorating Workshop - how to prepare and cover a round cake using ganache and fondant icing. 1 Day Class

Sat, 23rd Jun - Semi 2D Lazy Dragon Cake Decorating Workshop - how to sculpt a dragon using chocolate mud cake, ganache and fondant icing. 1 day class

More class dates for the 2nd half of 2012 will be available at the end of May.

For us to provide you with the best cake decorating experience and individual attention we only like to run small classes. Full payment is required to secure your booking. If I am unable to pick up enough numbers to run a class, unfortunately I would have to postpone or cancel the class. Payments will be transferred to next scheduled class or refunded.

Would love to see you at one of our classes in the near future ;o)

Lexie Barnes
Crumbs Cake Art

Basic Beginners Workshop

Lazy Dragon Workshop

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Cake Decorating Easy

Crumbs Cake Art have Custom Made Cake Cutting Angles to make
it easier for cake decorators to measure and level their cakes
every single time.
These angles set a standard level/height for your cakes.
Jon Perkins, owner of Crumbs Cake Art, demonstrates how easy
it is to use these cutting angles.

To purchase this great cake decoratoring idea please visit our 'contact us' tab or
website for all our details.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Funky Bridal Cottage Wedding Cake

We had a bit of fun with this wedding cake,
as we do with all our cake creations.
Jon's attention to detail is truelly awesome.The pebble footpath leading up to the funky little Cottage, which was made to be kept, just makes the cake that bit more amazing.
The 3 tiered wedding cake was filled with a variety of Crumbs! delicious mud cakes, then covered & decorated using sugar fondant.
Now with our NEW sensational tasting coloured cakes, this cake would look great with a purple coloured mud cake inside. Just imagine cutting thru your wedding cake to reveal something truely amazing, which smells and tastes great too.

Crumbs! will not let you down when it comes to your cake. Special events are 'special'. They should be celebrated and enjoyed. It takes a lot of time and effort plus money to make a special event awesome. Let Crumbs! Cake Art help you create something truely amazing for your guests to talk about for years to come.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hen's Cake Decorating Party - Having Fun with Fondant

Our Cake Decorating Workshops cater
for special event Parties, Bridal Showers,
Team Building or just having fun with friends.
12th November 2011 -
Melanie is getting married.
She wanted to do something different
with her girlfriends for her Bridal Shower (Hen's Party).
After searching the Internet & enquiring to a few cake decorators,
Crumbs! offered her an affordable afternoon of fun.

The group of 11 girls enjoyed creating edible flowerpots,
made with sugar icing, filled with cake,
topped with ganache and beautifully decorated with flowers.
They learnt to create edible sugar flowers (African Violets) & leaves 
from one of the best cake decorators in Sydney, Jon Perkins.
The girls arrived at our peaceful & tranquil studio set
on 5 acres in the Hills District, Sydney.
A delightful afternoon tea was provided
plus all materials & equipment.
(more photos available on facebook)
Big Thank you to Elle for organising this funtastic
event for your special friend, Melanie.
Wishing Melanie the best of luck for the future.
Hope you had a great Wedding Day.
Look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Cheers the Crumbs! Cake Art team
If you would like to know more about our special event
cake decorating workshops please
Sculpt, Create & inspire your imagination ;o)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This cake is simply to DIVE for!

Big Congratulations to the beautiful couple,
Kylie & Abe.
Jon can't help herself when it comes to creating a cake with that
WOW effect.
This amazing cake creation was sculpted from our
Crumbsdelicious mud cake and sugar icing.
It was crafted on a board measuring a massive size of 30in x 21in.

Jon's attention to details is absolutely amazing.
The Scuba Diver Groom is made from cake and the Mermaid Bride is
made out of sugar fondant. The faces have been moulded and hand
crafted using sugar icing. They are sitting on a treasure chest crafted
from a styro block covered with coloured sugar fondant.
The treasure chest is sitting on some rocks in the ocean.

It was touch & go there for a bit on Saturday 8th October with the weather being very wet & humid. All fingers were crossed for the cake to make it to Sydney Harbour Wharf.
The wedding reception was held on the Majestic 2.

The Bride travelled in a closed horse drawn cartridge to St Marys Cathedral. After the formalities the Bride & Groom left the Church in an open horse drawn cartridge to ride the streets of Sydney & head to the Wharf where they boarded the Majestic 2.
Reports concluded that the cake was Awesome and stayed in tacked until the cake cutting, where the Bride & Groom plus all their guests were amazed by the work of art & enjoyed the delicious cake inside.
Interesting - The Groom decided before the big day that he did not want to keep the sculptured scuba diver, resembling him, & wanted it made out of cake. When he saw the amazing creation he decided he wanted to keep it. Unfortunately, 'cause it was made from cake it was unable to be kept.
Simply one of the best cakes eva!!!

You can always rely on Crumbs!
for the best cake creation for your
special occasion.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cake Creation for THE BLOCK - TV Series One

Remember the first tv hit series from the Nine Network
hosted by Jamie Durie back in 2003

You may recall the party bash at Bondi Icebergs
for Phil Rankine

Bring back some memories....

This is the Little Red House cake creation
made by Crumbs! Team for the special event.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The RED MUSTANG Car Birthday Cake Sensation

Do you love cars & cake?

This cake was created for a very lucky birthday boy.
He loves Mustangs.
Hope you enjoyed it, Gede.
Big Happy Birthday Wishes
The inner filling of the cake was our delicious Crumbs
caramel mud cake covered with white fondant icing.
Black board was covered using Satin Ice fondant.
The model car, approx 24cm long, was hand
crafted using sugar icing.
Jon's attention to detail is sensational.
What's your thoughts?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Magificiant Frideriki 3D Baby Doll Christening Cake

Be totally amazed at this magnificent Christening Cake creation.

3D Baby Doll Christening Cake

This cake stands over 24inches in height.
Frideriki's body is made from delicious white & dark Jaffa mud cake
with orange flavour white ganache. Sensational!
Base cake is made from white Vanilla/Macadamia mud cake
with white ganache plus crushed macadamias. Yummy!
Covered & decorated with white fondant icing.
 Outstanding attention to detail
 Amazing lace work
 & texture
Absolutely nothing has been.

Baby girls face is moulded using sugar icing.
Simply Beautiful!

This cake exceeded 100+ coffee size pieces.

Jon is an unbelievable cake & dessert baker & cake artist.
If you love the Cake Boss & Ace of Cakes,
you will love the Cake Mistress, Jonnie Rocket.
Awesome 3D sculpture cakes are her speciality.
Be amazed at her attention to detail & patience.

Anything is possible with cake at Crumbs! Cake Art.

Could you be looking for an
awesome cake creation
that you & your guests
will never forget?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crumbs! Cake Decorating Workshop NEWS

Welcome all to our Blog News on our Cake Decorating Workshops
Students are continuing to get the best quality cake decorating
workshop, inspired by Jon Perkins of Crumbs! Cake Art.
If you are wanting an unforgetable experience in the wonderful world
of cake decorating you have found a sure thing with Crumbs!
You ask the question, Crumbs have no troubles providing the answer.
Jon has progressed her skills over the years, starting as a hobby and
developing into a professional cake decorating artist and baker.
Our workshops are small to provide individual attention to our students needs.
We include detailed written instructions, our special Chocolate
mud cake recipe, glue recipes and much, much more.
If you want to learn how to be a great cake decorator,
then get onto our website and register for a course TODAY.

Don't miss out on an unforgetable experience.

Great sense of Humour

We love creating something different for a laugh &
 memory of good times.
This beautiful couple have a great sense of humour,
wanting the cake creation for their
special Wedding Day to reflect on the first place they met.
She was working at a toilet making company,
when this handsome guy
walked in the room to purchase some stock.
They hit it off & the sparks started,
creating a loving friendship.
That's were their love grew & both wanted to share
the rest of their lives together - 'on the toilet......'

Congratulations to a amazing couple
on their wedding day.

Audi R8 3D Cake Sensation

Magnificant Cake Creation
Audi R8
This Cake was constructed to fly over to Hamilton Island
for a Special Birthday party.
After celebrating in Sydney with family and friends with
'The Dalek' Cake,
Chris headed overseas for more celebrations with friends.
The cake was constructed our of delicious Crumbs! mud cake
& white ganache, then covered & decorated with
Satin Ice fondant icing.
The car sat on top of a 12" rectangle mud cake.
Top effort by Jon Perkins. Amazing work.
Wishing you a Magical 40th Birthday.
Hope you had a excellent time.

'The Dalek' Cake Creation - Doctor Who

For all those Doctor Who fans.
This Dalek cake creation was for a special 40th birthday celebration.
The cake stood over 50cm in height, carved out of Crumbsdelicious
mud cake & covered, decorated with Satin Ice fondant icing.
Jon is a fantastic cake designer & decorator.
Just another Amazing Cake Masterpiece
from the Mistress in 3D Cake Creations.
Magical 40th Birthday Wishes, Chris
Hope you had a fantastic birthday with friends & family

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baptism Cake with a differnce

Cute little Adidas Sneakers to add a little bit of style.

Best wishes for your Baptism, Kades....

from all of us at Crumbs!

AWESOME Xbox Cake - Tour of Duty Style

Big Happy 18th Birthday

Wishes to Luke

What a cake?

This cake was set on a 20" board. The XBOX gaming controller was made out of beautiful strawberry cream mud cake covered with black rolled fondant icing and serving 40 dessert size peices. The helmet was created using strawberry cream mud cake and then covered with army coloured fondant and serving 20 dessert size peices. Granades were made using a poly ball covered in rolled 'Satin ice' fondant icing. Gun & goggles too were made with 'Satin ice' fondant icing.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quik Flik of our Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Ideas Video by Crumbs Cake Art

View a quick snip of just a few of our Wedding Cake designs

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CHECK THIS OUT!!! Massive Cake Creation

The Crumbs Team are at it again challenging the mega cake constructions.

New Factory Grand Opening 2011

Cake was sculptured and created using Crumbsdelicious
Chocolate Mud Cake on a 900sqm board.
It was approx 6" in height and needed 2 men to carry.

Unique detail was added to make everything look just like the real deal. Mini sculptured trucks, trees & grass, carpark and front fence plus the massive factory made out of delicious cake.

Outstanding & amazing efforts to the Crazy Crumbs Team

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mothers Day Flowerpot Workshop (Cake Decorating)

Does your Mum have everything.

Why not bring her along to a morning of fun creating sweet sugar flowerpots, filling them with cake and ganache plus decorating with cute flowers.

Saturday, 30th April, 2011

9.30am to 1pm

Cost $175

All materials & equipment provided plus light morning tea & refreshments.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cake, cakes & more cakes..........

All baked, created & decorated by the Crazy Team @ Crumbs Cake Art,

Annangrove, Hills District, Sydney

Basic Beginners Workshop - 12th Feb 2011

Our Cake Decorating Workshops have kicked off for 2011.
Great creations made by all the students at our workshop
held on Sat, 12th March.
Girls enjoyed a fun and full on day of learning to cake
decorate the professional way.

What to learn how to create something like this?
Come and join us at one of our Creative Cake Decorating Workshops
in Annangrove, Sydney.
Set in a beautiful tranquil environment,
with a unique difference.
Lots to learn with no questions unanswered and all secrets revealed.
CALL US on 02 9679 1808
Course information, dates & pricing is available on our website

Friday, February 18, 2011

ABS Australian Bridal Expo - Darling Harbour, Sydney

Thank you to all the Brides & Grooms to be plus family & friends,
who visited our stand to view our unique cake creations
at the ABS Australian Bridal Expo -Darling Harbour, Sydney.
Sat, 29th & Sun, 30th January 2011

Hope you all enjoyed our delicious samples of mud cake
and had a funtastic time.

Please visit our website or connect with us on facebook

to view more photos.

Contact us for a free quote.

Phone: 02 9679 1808

Monday, January 31, 2011


After viewing our Mega Structure in Jan 2011,
we were contacted by the producers of
The Four Weddings Show,
the hit Channel 7 Series.

Interested in being apart of the new series.
No matter what type of wedding
- big or small - anyone can have a go at winning
a luxury holiday for their honeymoon.
To find out more please view the invite below.

Four Weddings

The Hit Channel 7 Series 'Four Weddings' is back and we are looking
for 2011 brides to appear on the show!!!!
If you are getting married in 2011 and would like the chance to win
a luxury honeymoon then get in touch now.
You can call Leisa on 02 9383 4340 or
email to find out more.
We want to see all types of weddings, no matter how big or small the budget. So if your wedding has a theme,
interesting venue, or just something that sets you apart, then this is your chance to win an fantastic prize.

Monday, January 24, 2011


We hope you enjoy viewing our lastest cake creations for the year.

Constantly creating new sensational designs.


Every week Crumbs continues to create amazing cake sensations for all occasions.
To start 2011, our crazy baking & decorating team constructed a
1 metre tall Mega Cathedral Construction -
consisting of 7 cakes. Cakes all ranging in size from 7 to 13 inch.
It was for a beautiful wedding and catered for 400 quests.
At the bottom of the construction was a water fountain with lights.

Absolutely Magical.
Are you needing something absolutely amazing for your special event.
Crumbs experienced chefs and decorators can make your dreams come true.
Creating a fantastic master piece which, not only, looks amazing but tastes sensational.
More cake creations to follow.