Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This cake is simply to DIVE for!

Big Congratulations to the beautiful couple,
Kylie & Abe.
Jon can't help herself when it comes to creating a cake with that
WOW effect.
This amazing cake creation was sculpted from our
Crumbsdelicious mud cake and sugar icing.
It was crafted on a board measuring a massive size of 30in x 21in.

Jon's attention to details is absolutely amazing.
The Scuba Diver Groom is made from cake and the Mermaid Bride is
made out of sugar fondant. The faces have been moulded and hand
crafted using sugar icing. They are sitting on a treasure chest crafted
from a styro block covered with coloured sugar fondant.
The treasure chest is sitting on some rocks in the ocean.

It was touch & go there for a bit on Saturday 8th October with the weather being very wet & humid. All fingers were crossed for the cake to make it to Sydney Harbour Wharf.
The wedding reception was held on the Majestic 2.

The Bride travelled in a closed horse drawn cartridge to St Marys Cathedral. After the formalities the Bride & Groom left the Church in an open horse drawn cartridge to ride the streets of Sydney & head to the Wharf where they boarded the Majestic 2.
Reports concluded that the cake was Awesome and stayed in tacked until the cake cutting, where the Bride & Groom plus all their guests were amazed by the work of art & enjoyed the delicious cake inside.
Interesting - The Groom decided before the big day that he did not want to keep the sculptured scuba diver, resembling him, & wanted it made out of cake. When he saw the amazing creation he decided he wanted to keep it. Unfortunately, 'cause it was made from cake it was unable to be kept.
Simply one of the best cakes eva!!!

You can always rely on Crumbs!
for the best cake creation for your
special occasion.