Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baptism Cake with a differnce

Cute little Adidas Sneakers to add a little bit of style.

Best wishes for your Baptism, Kades....

from all of us at Crumbs!

AWESOME Xbox Cake - Tour of Duty Style

Big Happy 18th Birthday

Wishes to Luke

What a cake?

This cake was set on a 20" board. The XBOX gaming controller was made out of beautiful strawberry cream mud cake covered with black rolled fondant icing and serving 40 dessert size peices. The helmet was created using strawberry cream mud cake and then covered with army coloured fondant and serving 20 dessert size peices. Granades were made using a poly ball covered in rolled 'Satin ice' fondant icing. Gun & goggles too were made with 'Satin ice' fondant icing.