Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Magificiant Frideriki 3D Baby Doll Christening Cake

Be totally amazed at this magnificent Christening Cake creation.

3D Baby Doll Christening Cake

This cake stands over 24inches in height.
Frideriki's body is made from delicious white & dark Jaffa mud cake
with orange flavour white ganache. Sensational!
Base cake is made from white Vanilla/Macadamia mud cake
with white ganache plus crushed macadamias. Yummy!
Covered & decorated with white fondant icing.
 Outstanding attention to detail
 Amazing lace work
 & texture
Absolutely nothing has been.

Baby girls face is moulded using sugar icing.
Simply Beautiful!

This cake exceeded 100+ coffee size pieces.

Jon is an unbelievable cake & dessert baker & cake artist.
If you love the Cake Boss & Ace of Cakes,
you will love the Cake Mistress, Jonnie Rocket.
Awesome 3D sculpture cakes are her speciality.
Be amazed at her attention to detail & patience.

Anything is possible with cake at Crumbs! Cake Art.

Could you be looking for an
awesome cake creation
that you & your guests
will never forget?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crumbs! Cake Decorating Workshop NEWS

Welcome all to our Blog News on our Cake Decorating Workshops
Students are continuing to get the best quality cake decorating
workshop, inspired by Jon Perkins of Crumbs! Cake Art.
If you are wanting an unforgetable experience in the wonderful world
of cake decorating you have found a sure thing with Crumbs!
You ask the question, Crumbs have no troubles providing the answer.
Jon has progressed her skills over the years, starting as a hobby and
developing into a professional cake decorating artist and baker.
Our workshops are small to provide individual attention to our students needs.
We include detailed written instructions, our special Chocolate
mud cake recipe, glue recipes and much, much more.
If you want to learn how to be a great cake decorator,
then get onto our website and register for a course TODAY.

Don't miss out on an unforgetable experience.

Great sense of Humour

We love creating something different for a laugh &
 memory of good times.
This beautiful couple have a great sense of humour,
wanting the cake creation for their
special Wedding Day to reflect on the first place they met.
She was working at a toilet making company,
when this handsome guy
walked in the room to purchase some stock.
They hit it off & the sparks started,
creating a loving friendship.
That's were their love grew & both wanted to share
the rest of their lives together - 'on the toilet......'

Congratulations to a amazing couple
on their wedding day.

Audi R8 3D Cake Sensation

Magnificant Cake Creation
Audi R8
This Cake was constructed to fly over to Hamilton Island
for a Special Birthday party.
After celebrating in Sydney with family and friends with
'The Dalek' Cake,
Chris headed overseas for more celebrations with friends.
The cake was constructed our of delicious Crumbs! mud cake
& white ganache, then covered & decorated with
Satin Ice fondant icing.
The car sat on top of a 12" rectangle mud cake.
Top effort by Jon Perkins. Amazing work.
Wishing you a Magical 40th Birthday.
Hope you had a excellent time.

'The Dalek' Cake Creation - Doctor Who

For all those Doctor Who fans.
This Dalek cake creation was for a special 40th birthday celebration.
The cake stood over 50cm in height, carved out of Crumbsdelicious
mud cake & covered, decorated with Satin Ice fondant icing.
Jon is a fantastic cake designer & decorator.
Just another Amazing Cake Masterpiece
from the Mistress in 3D Cake Creations.
Magical 40th Birthday Wishes, Chris
Hope you had a fantastic birthday with friends & family