Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When is the best time to order your Wedding Cake?

A good professional cake artist would need at least 2 to 3 months notice prior to your Wedding date.
The early the better, I say. Then you don't miss out.

To many times we have heard horror cake stories that
Brides & Grooms have experienced on their Wedding Day.
Not getting what they asked for, cake couldn't be eaten,
cake was too small not enough for all the guest, inexperience
cake decorators, quality not what they expected & so much more.

Wedding Cakes are not cheap & can lead into 1000s of dollars.
To avoid any disappointment with your cake on the most
remembered day of your life, it is best to get in touch
with an experienced cake decorator you can trust.
Feel comfortable with your cake decorator
& to limit confusion it is always best to talk directly to the
cake artist constructing your cake design.
Always taste test the cakes for quality, even if you do not like cake,
get someone to do it for you. The last thing you want is to waste
money & have your guests remembering the terrible tasting cake.

At Crumbs we provide a unique service to you. Our studio is set on
a beautiful rural property in the heart of the
Hills District in Annangrove.

Jon, owner/decorator, will discuss cake ideas & designs with you.
She will show you some amazing cake creations and you will get to
view some beautifully hand crafted cakes on display in our Studio.
Her talents will construct a sketch of your desired cake for your
Special Day plus provide you with a quote.
A variety of cake samples will be available for you to
indulge your taste buds.


Be sure to make an appointment with Jon to get an exclusive visit
to her Studio and discuss some totally wicked cake ideas.

Happy Wedding Cake Hunting
Cheers Lexie

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