Thursday, August 5, 2010


Do you remember when you where a kid and having fun after the rain playing mud patties?

I was brought back to my childhood when I delightfully watched my grandkids playing under the trampoline in the mud. They had a ball and enjoyed getting themselves really dirty. After their adventures playing mud pies the littlest came up to me wanting a huge hug. As much as I love him to pieces - covered from head to toe in mud - oh wasn't going to happen.

How easy it is to make mud patties and have fun doing it. If only making specialty cakes was made that easy.

Directions: dry your mud patty in the sun for 8 hrs or until firm. Spray lightly with water to apply dry/wet leaves as icing and add sticks, flowers, etc for decorations. One Mud Patty Cake coming up...........

Enjoy your week.

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